Tuesday, June 25, 2013

where ya been?

lots going on the past few weeks - sorry for the lack of updates - hopefully I will get back into the swing of regular posts now that school is out, we are adjusting to Steven's new shift and our vacation is over...

The kids and I just got back from a family vacation to Traverse City, Michigan.  My Grammie was born and raised there - and is now buried there - so myself and 12 of my family members went back for some fun family history exploring and to enjoy the beautiful lake, funky downtown shops and endless cherry orchards.   [and they went to their first drive-in movie!!!]

I had a wonderful time on the trip.  Our drive was about 16 hours and the kids did really really well.  There were a few moments when I wanted to pull my hair out, but overall, they were rockstars!!!  [thank you Up!, Despicable Me, Mary Poppins & Cars for saving me]

I am working on a post with some of my photos - I only took 1,032 - hehe!!!

For now, I will just post this photo of my mom and me, sharing a very heartfelt moment at my Grammie's spot... (despite the emotions and grief here, I think this was one of my most favorite photos from the entire week...)

I  miss my Grammie so much but I know she's with me constantly.  And I have her (and God) to thank for blessing me with such an incredible mother who has continuously given so selflessly to her children and her family.  She is a wonderful listener, encourager, friend, grandmother and mother and I am so very thankful for her!!! :)

love you muchermostestmore ma - thank you for an amazing trip!!!

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mom said...

This picture has had me in constant tears since you sent it to me....and this trip was wonderful but it was like losing her all over again. BUT...I just noticed something.....She is in the sunshine and we are in the shadows. Does that say anything to you about where our priorities should be?