Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabby!!!

hard to believe this was three years ago...
my beautiful baby girl turned 3 years old yesterday... I feel awful I'm a day late with her happy birthday post but I guess a day late is better than never :) 
to my little firecracker:  the most stubborn, most independent, bravest, silliest little lady I've ever met!  You have brought so much joy and spunk into my life... but sometimes I'd really really love it if you'd actually listen to me.  Please!  Mommy is very proud of you Gabby - you are SO special.  I look forward to watching you grow and hopefully seeing you develop into a very compassionate, compliant gal :) 
I'm excited about your princess birthday party this weekend... I can't wait to see you in your new rapunzel dress :) :) :) 
I am very grateful for the photographs I have of you... it's amazing to see how much you've grown!!!  (it's especially funny to see you using your baby bro as a seat, even when he was still in my tummy - some things haven't changed!!!)

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mom/grammie said...


It's called "willful", Kiley!

Her determination sort of reminds me of her mother in high school!!!!

Cute pics.....time sure does go fast!!