Friday, January 27, 2012

Joe Paterno - - unspoken prayer request

I’m sure everyone knows that Joe Paterno passed away on Sunday, January 22, 2012.  I never knew him, nor did I attend Penn State but being from Pennsylvania, having several friends that are PSU alum and having a husband who has been a lifetime Penn State fan, I do feel a ‘connection’ if you will to that university and to Joe Pa. 

On Saturday evening I heard that Mr. Paterno’s health was declining and they were listing him in serious condition.  I prayed for him and his family that night – as I’m sure thousands of others did.  I also asked God to give me the strength to ask for prayer for Mr. Paterno and his family at church the next morning.  That’s one thing I adore about my church – they allow time for anyone in the congregation to lift up prayer requests whether it be something serious or very simple. {no prayer request is too big or too small – remember, we serve a mighty God}

Well.. Sunday morning came and I spent much of my morning thinking about Joe Pa and his family.  I’ve lost family to cancer before.. I knew their road ahead was a tough one.  I continued to ask for strength to present this prayer request during the church service.. even had the entire request mapped out in my mind.. went something like this..

“although I don’t know him personally, I’d like to ask for prayer for Joe Paterno, his family and for everyone else battling any form of cancer.”

sweet and simple. shouldn’t be hard.

The time came for prayer requests to be lifted.. and I froze.

I’ve never shared any requests in church before so I think I just got scared.  Sounds silly – you shouldn’t be scared in church, I know – but for some dumb reason, I was.  So.. my prayer request was silenced.. went unheard.

4 hours later I received a text message from Steven telling me that Joe Pa died.

I do realize that me asking for prayer for Mr. Paterno in church would not have saved his life but for some reason I cannot shake the fact that God placed on my heart so heavily the desire and need to pray for Mr. Paterno and his family – and I feel, because I chickened out of sharing that request, I in some way let God and Joe Pa down.

Okay, moral of this post, if the Lord has placed a request on your heart to share, then do just that.. share it.  Don’t chicken out.  Don’t be scared.

rest in peace Joe Paterno – you will be missed by millions.


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