Tuesday, September 13, 2011

almost one year old.

Wow.. it's SO hard to believe my sweet little peanut butter is almost one year old!  Where have the past 11 months gone??  It seems like just yesterday I was worrying every single second about labor and about how our family would manage with a third child.  Gage David is one amazing little fella - he has brought such joy into our family and now I see why the Lord blessed us with surprise #3!
  • No idea what you weigh or how long you are - I'll work on that! (safe to say you're a little peanut compared to your brother and sister when they were 11 months old)
  • Still no teeth - strange but no big deal I guess! 
  • You're crawling all over the place and are super fast! 
  • You're also becoming a pro at pulling yourself up and scooting along furniture
  • You eat EVERYTHING!  You've completely boycotted baby food and will only eat what everyone else is eating.  I guess I can't blame you!
  • You refuse to drink water - only when it's mixed with a little juice.
  • You still hate the bathtub. scream the entire time.
  • You'll be moving rooms very soon - heading down the hall to your big brother's room - he is very excited to have a roommate! 
  • You LOVE Gavin and Gabby - they can always make you laugh and smile even when you're super grumpy!
  • You say KITTY!  It's the cutest thing ever - and yes, I know, can an 11 month old really talk... YES - he really does say kitty - I have witnesses =)
(I promise to add his 11 month old photos soon!  Hard to believe we only have one more month of our fancy sticker photo sessions.) 

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