Wednesday, August 31, 2011

let me explain..

my lack of posts that is..

Summer has flown by and there isn’t enough hours in the day..

We just got back from a brief vacation in Tennessee.. what a beautiful state!

My husband lost his job right before our beach vacation and with him home now in the evenings I don’t have time to post like I did when he was working..

My work has been pretty hectic lately with some pretty serious changes coming down the pike..

I’ve taken millions of photos this past month and am just not sure which ones to post..

I’ve started planning Gage’s 1st birthday party!

I’m still trying to work through this post-partum depression..

I’m sorry I’ve fallen off the blogging wheel but I promise sometime soon I’ll jump back on! =)

Until then.. here’s a photo of me and my cute little rascals in Gatlinburg!


1 comment:

Christina Meshey said...

We still love you, Kiley! No worries!