Friday, October 19, 2012

friday's letters.

dear anyone who hasn't seen the movie October Baby: WATCH IT. :) :) :)  please.

dear homeless couple by target:  I'm really disappointed that you didn't want the groceries that I bought for you... but I must say, you have inspired me to listen more to the Lord and the things He places on my heart.  Although you didn't want the groceries, I felt great about carrying out something I knew the Lord was asking me to do.

dear adorable but crazy kittens: stop being so freaking cute.  I want to keep all of you!!!  and it would be nice if you'd sit still so I could get some good photos of you three!

dear sweet daughter of mine: would you please stop being so stubborn... your momma is about to lose her mind... she has no idea how to parent you and it's really starting to get to her.

dear sally hansen: thanks for your awesome new nail polish strips!  I'm not great at painting my nails but I love the way it looks... so these strips are perfect for me. [just wish they were cheaper!!!]

dear germs: leave me and my family alone.  we are all tired of being sick.  you are evil, go away!!!

dear Grammie: I miss you!  I've been wearing your shoes a lot lately - thanks for having the same size feet as me :)

dear fall: thank you for being so beautiful.  you are definitely my favorite season.

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