Thursday, May 10, 2012

anyone home?!

yep… still here… just super busy with, well, life.

Gavin just graduated preschool Monday night - next step is kindergarten!!!

 preschool 1 preschool 2 

Gage is talking ALL the time and repeats almost everything I say.  He is still absolutely terrified of the bath, which cracks me up!  Gabrielle is living up to the term “terrible twos” – she is a rascal.  She’s a little smarty pants and insists on doing everything herself… strong-willed I guess!

I took this before Gavin’s 1st tball game on Wednesday night… Go Cougars!!! [check out the red cleats – all because the Phillies wear red cleats!]

 tball 1

In the games they pitch 5 balls to the boys, if they don’t hit any pitches then they pull the tee out for them.  Gavin was up to bat 3 times and got a hit on the first pitch of each at bat, needless to say he was one happy hitter!

be back soon.. I hope.. I’m getting a new camera and will likely have millions of photos to post =)  [yes, my Nikon has finally croaked, it’s been slowly fading for a while now and a couple of weeks ago it went kaput.  I have my heart set on a new canon – my parents are getting me one for Mother’s Day and my birthday… I know, my parents AWESOME!!! ]

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mom said...

They are all growing SOOOOO fast! Kindergarten...WOW!!

And, the camera is kind of a selfish gift.....we LOVE all the pics & would miss them. I'm surprised we have to buy one, though.....really thought that camera was one of your body parts!!!

Love you & your hobby!!